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Award-winning Partner

The NPDA are the 2015 Debt Review Awards winners in the categories Distribution and Software, as well as 2014 winner in the categories Client & Customer Service, Systems & Software Integration and Industry Support & Engagement. 

A variety of software options

Care Premier provides accredited Debt Counsellors with the ultimate practice management solution which streamlines the debt review administrative processes, decreases workload and increases productivity.

Licenced by the National Credit Regulator

The NPDA has been approved and licensed by the NCR following a rigorous process by which systems, business processes and other capabilities are tested against stringent requirements.

Deadline driven collections and distributions

Today, the majority of registered NCR Debt Counsellors trust our market leading NPDA system to effect payments to Creditors and Debt Counsellors.

NPDA Partnership Program

The NPDA Partnership Programme has the potential to increase your revenues by 32% within the first 3 months. If you want to know how it works and want to join, please set-up an appointment with one of our DC consultants.

We are South Africa's leading accredited payment distribution agency*

The NPDA currently facilitates more than 2.5 million secured EFT transactions annually, as well as extensive payroll deductions, providing consumers, Debt Counsellors, and creditors with a reliable, secure, and efficient payment system ensuring that all payments are effected accurately and timeously.
* As voted by a panel of industry judges and the 2015 and 2015 Debt Review Awards.

What we Offer

The NPDA is more than just a distribution agency. With us you have access to award winning software, business systems and reporting, as well as highly trained consultants who, in conjunction with our business partnership programme, will assist you in ensuring that your business achieves its full potential

Payment Collection and Distribution

Payment Collection and Distribution

The backbone of the debt review process is ensuring that payments are collected from consumers and distributed accurately, timeously and efficiently to creditors.
Exception Handling

Exception Handling

With all payments there is the possibility of exceptions occurring, as a result of incorrect or invalid banking or reference details.
DC Software

DC Software

With the NPDA you have a choice of software options that can best fit your particular business model and allow you to track every aspect of your debt counselling business.
Partnership Program

Partnership Program

The NPDA Partnership Programme offers additional support to our leading, independent NCR accredited Debt Counsellors and their consumers in their journey to financial freedom.

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