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Care Premier

Care Premier provides accredited Debt Counsellors with the ultimate practice management solution, streamlining the debt review administrative processes, decreasing workload and increasing productivity.

The fact that Care Premier was voted as the best debt counselling software by the industry at the 2015 debt review awards speaks volumes about the impact it can have on your business.

Benefits of Care Premier

  • This web-based solution is accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Debt Counsellors can select preferred communication method for themselves as well as their debt review clients.
  • Consumers receive monthly statements electronically by email.
  • All debt review client documentation can be scanned and saved to the system electronically.
  • All Care Premier documents are customised with the Debt Counsellor’s electronic signature.
  • Care Premier can calculate and generate multiple payment plans for Debt Counsellors to present to debt review clients.
  • Care Premier automatically validates clients’ bank account numbers as they are uploaded.
  • System assistance and support are provided telephonically via NPDA Support Services

Credit Bureau Integration

This functionality allows you to:


  • Access credit bureau reports via CARE Premier
    • Draw a credit report for existing or prospective clients
    • Check if a client is currently under debt review
    • Qualify customer information – quickly and cheaply identify non qualifying leads
  • Import data from the credit bureau report into CARE Premier
    • Prepopulate a client’s profile in CARE Premier – faster more accurate applications
    • A notification will indicate if the client is already a CARE Premier client
  • Credit report history
    • Draw a physical credit report showing:
      • Date of report – time stamped records and audit trails
      • Name of user who drew the report
      • Status of the client
      • Report history
    • Credit reports will be kept for 24 hours during which time you will be able to draw the same report at no extra cost

How to access XDS Credit Bureau integration

Already registered with XDS

Forward your XDS registration login details by logging a query on the NPDA Service Desk or send an e-mail to npda_queries@dcmgroup.co.za with the following details:

  1. DC Name
  2. XDS Username
  3. XDS Password

NPDA will set up your details and you will now have access to XDS via CARE Premier. No extra logins

Not yet registered with XDS – 5 easy steps

  1. Attach your debt counsellor ID document and NCR registration certificate
  2. Complete the XDS contract
  3. E-mail all of these documents to Mlungisi Ramafikeng – rmlungisi@xds.co.za (please cc your DCM DC Consultant)
  4. XDS will send you proof of registration as well as access details within 48 hours
  5. Send your details to the NPDA Service Desk

Note: Please ensure that when allocating funds to your XDS account that you allocate to XDS web service. Also ensure that you have access to a full credit bureau report plus debt review status checks.

XDS Contract:

Credit Bureau Integration training manual:

How to perform a debt review status check

How to obtain a credit bureau report

How to add a client

I cannot see the credit bureau option when I log into CARE Premier. What do I do?

Contact DCM Support on 0861 628 628 (option 3), log a query on Service Desk (support.debtcontrol.co.za) or email query to npda_queries@dcmgroup.co.za

How do I obtain XDS access?

Email a completed and signed XDS client agreement form, a copy of principal DC ID and a copy of your NCR registration certificate to: Mlungisi Ramafikeng – rmlungisi@xds.co.za with a copy to your DC Consultant

I have already sent through my XDS documents and I haven’t yet received my credentials. Why?

This process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. If you haven’t yet received feedback from XDS, please contact XDS support XXX

I have an XDS agreement, how do I get the credit bureau feature on CARE Premier?

Contact DCM Support and provide them with your XDS credentials, either by telephone, email or Service Desk request

I’ve logged a Service Desk request and my query has not yet been resolved. What do I do?

Contact DCM Support on 0861 628 628 (option 3)

What about other credit bureaus?

We are currently investigating other credit bureaus for integration and will inform all clients as and when they become available

What do these errors mean?

Login not authenticated.

Please contact XDS Contact XDS as either your username or password is incorrect

You are no longer subscribed.

Please contact XDS Contact XDS as the DC is no longer an XDS client

Login user not found

Contact DCM Support first. The client has either incorrectly, or not, added onto the credit bureau table for credentials on CARE premier. If this is correct, the DC needs to be redirected to XDS for credential validity

No consumer data available

There is no XDS information available for the identification number inserted

Oops! Something went wrong, please re-submit

There is a technical error, the DC should resubmit and continue with the process they were working on

Insufficient funds.Please contact XDS

Contact XDS as the DC XDS account no longer has funds available. DC needs to follow XDS funds allocation process

You are not registered to access the credit bureau feature!

Contact DCM Support. The client has either incorrectly or not added onto the credit bureau table for credentials on CARE Premier

Incorrect XDS credentials.Please contact DCM Group Support

Contact DCM Support. The client has either incorrectly or not added onto the Credit Bureau table for credentials on CARE Premier

Your search input must have a ID Number

Insert a valid ID Number into the ID Number field

Your search input must have a Passport Number

Insert a valid Passport Number in the Passport Number field

Please note that you are not activated for this feature on XDS. Please contact XDS

Contact XDS and request access to debt review status checks on your account

Please Note: Client already exists on CARE Premier! Kindly contact DCM Support on 0861 628 628

This client is already saved on CARE Premier by another DC. If you wish to transfer this DC onto your profile, contact DCM Support

Microsoft Word - XDS Client Agreement_2016 _Prepaid Fixed Rechar

Download the XDS Client Agreement

Fees-Only Plan

What is a Fees-Only Plan?

  • A Fees-only plan is a type of strategy that is used to create simulations.
  • Fees-only plans only include Ad-hoc fees into its calculations and in certain instances include Linked Insurance. Ad-hoc fees refer to Negotiation and Legal fees.
  • This type of strategy is generally used at the beginning of the debt review process.
  • When creating a Fees-only plan, full creditor details are not required.

What is the criteria for adding a Fees-Only Plan?

  • The clients must still be within the first 4 months of distribution i.e. 4th month distribution has not yet started.
  • The client either has not started or is still busy paying off the negotiation fee.

Will the creditors automatically be paid for after a Fees-only plan has completed and I did initially add creditors onto the client’s profile?

No, you need to run and activate a new simulation that includes creditor details.

Can I run a Fees-only plan in a period before the fourth distribution has been made and my negotiation fees have already been paid?

No after implementation of this project, any new scenarios must meet the criteria mentioned above for a Fees-only plan first.

How do I add application fees?

Add the application fee onto the negotiation fee when running a simulation.

What is the difference to other strategies?

Only ad-hoc fees are paid during the stipulated periods. No creditors will be paid.

Do I have to wait for fees to distribute before I can activate my proposal with creditors?

No, you can add your creditors and when your proposal is finalised, activate it, the system will complete payment on fees and then proceed to payment of creditors. This will all be reflected in your proposal.

Will I be reminded if I have not yet activated a plan for creditors?

Yes, please refer to the Fees-only plan report.

Who should I contact should I have a query on a fee-only plan?

Refer to section “9.Contacts” as per below.

I have clients that were migrated from Pegasus onto CARE Premier, what happened to my multiple legal fee additions?

They have been added as ad-hoc legal fees and will continue to distribute accordingly, unless a new strategy is run and activated.

Locked Instalments

What is a Locked-Instalments?

  • Locked Instalments is a more enhanced type of Custom Instalment. On CARE Premier Custom Instalments will no longer appear, it will be renamed to Locked Instalments.
  • This change is so that cascading and yearly escalations can now take Locked Instalments into consideration.
  • This enhanced locked instalment calculation allows for more flexibility and stability, enabling you to create one payment plan with fees and Locked Instalments.

Rules applied for Locked Instalments

  • Cannot be added on DCRS plans.
  • If the “Exclude Locked Instalment when Cascading” checkbox is selected, it means that when there is extra funds available, the creditors with locked instalments will not be allocated extra funds, i.e. a yearly escalation, DC aftercare fee decrease or when a Creditor is paid up.
  • If the “Exclude Locked Instalment when Cascading” checkbox is not selected, it means that when there is extra funds available, the creditors with locked instalments will be allocated extra funds
  • By default, all new scenarios (i.e. Scenario 001) created with Locked Instalment amounts will be defaulted for cascading when extra funds become available, unless the checkbox is selected.
  • All creditors can have Locked Instalments added with the “Exclude Locked Instalment when Cascading” checkbox selected, however if extra funds are available, the system will allocate them to all creditors as there will be no other creditor left to allocate the extra funds to.
  • A DC cannot proceed with adding a Locked Instalment if the amount inserted is less than required for fees at least i.e. linked insurance and/or service fees.
  • A DC cannot proceed with adding a Locked Instalment if the amounts inserted, when totalled, is more than the amount available for distribution.
  • Locked Instalments are only paid when the client has the full total amount available to pay all creditors, i.e. when all fees have been settled.

If the client has extra funds available for creditors, will the extra money distribute equally? Eg. Escalations, DC aftercare fee decrease or when a creditor is paid up.

Yes, the extra money is proportionally distributed according to the strategy chosen. Creditors with Locked instalments will also be allocated funds unless the “Exclude Locked Instalment when Cascading” checkbox is selected.

Do I have to add a Locked Instalment every time I run a new scenario?

No, the previously activated scenario details will always be pre-populated when creating a new scenario.

Will I still be able to view the previous Custom Instalment I added?

Yes, you will be able to see the Custom Instalment, it will just be renamed to Locked Instalment.

What do I do if I cannot get rid of any of the Locked Instalment errors?

Ensure that you have rectified the reason for the error, if you are still unable to move forward please use any of the contact details as per “8.Contacts” below.

Will all Locked Instalments previously added have cascading?

No, if the client already added Locked Instalment, no cascading will be allocated unless the “Exclude Locked Instalment when Cascading” checkbox is deselected and a new scenario activated.

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