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Eminence is a user-friendly, desk top system providing ease of use that simplifies the capturing of consumer details and the restructuring of their debt.

It also provides access to credit bureaux reports providing greater accuracy when preparing restructure proposals.

The restructuring can be adjusted manually or by utilising the Debt Counselling Rule System (DCRS) incorporated in Eminence and provides updated balances for consumers without the need to update balances.

Eminence also provides immediate access to a file audit trail so the user can see at a glance exactly where matters stand.

With its ease of remote support Eminence gives confidence and security to its users.

System assistance and support provided telephonically via NPDA Support Services.

I have worked on many software programs like over the past 8 years. When I started working as an independent consultant to one of the Debt Counsellors a year ago he was using Eminence. I was warned by many of my colleagues in the industry to avoid Eminence for various reasons. I was told instead to approach another company who never even responded to any of my email requests. Logically they were not the choice for me. I need to work with people who take this industry seriously and so I reluctantly decided to proceed with Eminence.

Best decision ever!

The team that I worked with at another company were good but they have absolutely no people skills.

Yet another were always arrogant and I didn’t feel that they took my views and requests very seriously which resulted in lengthy turnaround times. I never really blamed them for that because I am “high maintenance” and demanding – something the Eminence team always assure me of, by saying that I am not demanding and that they are employed to assist me no matter what.

How great is that!

The best part of this year was joining this team. They are patient with me and always friendly, professional and efficient. They NEVER make me feel small and always acknowledge my requests, even though they probably discuss me over “lunch” (whenever that is) because I am so demanding.

You should be very proud of this team and you should do everything in your power to keep them together.

I am a proud Eminence user and very happy to have invested in this programJ. I hope that the NPDA is investing in it too.


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