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Payment Collection and Distribution

The backbone of the debt review process is ensuring that payments are collected from consumers and distributed to creditors accurately, efficiently and on time, in strict accordance with the restructured, accepted payment proposal.

The NPDA has developed a leading edge system built on the latest technology available, making use of our vast industry background and knowledge of creditor, DC and consumer needs.

The integrated and reliable NPDA system gives us the ability to process unlimited transactions in a secure environment, as a result of which creditors are guaranteed accurate and timeous payments of debtors’ outstanding accounts.

Payments are made on a regular, daily basis ensuring that interest on overdue accounts is kept to a minimum.

What sets up apart from our competition

The NPDA prides itself on offering a multitude of value added services that are not found elsewhere.

This stems not only from our belief in the value offered by the debt counselling industry but is also embedded in our purpose of:

‘Creating sustainable financial wellbeing for all’

To this end we invest time, effort and money in value offerings that go beyond the normal scope of a PDA.


Ad-hoc strikes

At the NPDA we understand that the first payment is most important in order to start a consumer on the road to financial recovery.

The sooner a consumer can be brought on board, the sooner they can be protected under the National Credit Act.

For that reason the NPDA offers a same day / ad-hoc debit order strike service.

This means that a debt counsellor can consult with a consumer in the morning, and have any necessary monies deducted that same evening, providing same day service and protection.

Ongoing training

Our involvement in ongoing training covers the wider spectrum of the industry to involve subjects such as client coaching and interaction: software skills: negotiation and creditor relationships: business skills and many more topics.

In addition, our NPDA DC Business Consultants are at all times available to assist in the training of your staff to ensure that they have a full understanding of how to make full use of our software, reports and other tools to the benefit of your business and clients.

A variety of front-end software

Business today is not a matter of one size fits all and DC businesses in particular can vary a great deal from one to another.

With two alternative software systems, Care Premier and Eminence, our NPDA DC Business Consultants can recommend the perfect match for the business model that you prefer.

Consultants in the marketplace

Your DC business will be allocated a dedicated NPDA DC Business Consultant to assist you with all phases from set up to the day to day running of your business, working with your staff in all aspects to ensure the best possible support for your business growth.

Creditor Relationships

At the NPDA we realize that relationships with creditors can greatly enhance the effectiveness of the debt review process.

The NPDA has its own Relationship Consultant whose sole function is to ensure that we have the most effective relationship possible with creditors at every level.

We understand the principle that ‘people deal with people’ and this philosophy underscores our business approach.

Payroll Deductions

Secure payment options provide for greater success in the total debt review process.

The NPDA has business relationships with a large number of the largest employer groups in South Africa enabling us to offer the option of Payroll Deductions as a payment method, making the process more secure for all parties involved.

Business Reports

A successful business relies on its reporting systems to provide effective management tools.

The NPDA offers a comprehensive variety of reports, either automatically generated or on request, to help you manage your business

In addition, your NPDA DC Business Consultant will assist in ensuring that you derive the greatest value from these reports.

Employer Group Relationships

The NPDA is involved in the financial wellbeing of more than 400 000 South African employees via our Employer Group relationships.

DC businesses affiliated to the NPDA Business Partnership Programme will be recommended by the NPDA to any employees in need of debt counselling.

Exception Handling

With all payments there is the possibility of exceptions occurring, as a result of incorrect or invalid banking or reference details.

At the NPDA we first consult with the credit providers in an effort to resolve exceptions, before requesting intervention from the debt counsellor.

This leaves our debt counsellors free to focus on servicing their consumers.

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